Shure UA844+SWB Antenna Distribution System

It seems like there’s never as much time as you’d like for the sound check. That’s why the UA844+SWB Antenna Distribution System lets you stretch the power of your antenna pairs, giving you more on-air channels in less setup time. So you can set and forget, and have more flexibility to make sure it all sounds perfect.

Wide compatibility
The UA844+SWB integrates with leading professional wireless systems, so setting up at a new venue or even upgrading your own setup is a breeze.

Simple power distribution
A four DC feed powers additional receivers without having to run more cable.

  • Supports QLX-D®, ULX®, ULX-D®, SLX® and BLX® receivers (BLX4R only)
  • Easy-access, front-mounting antenna hardware
  • DC output for antenna bias (12 V, 300 mA max.)
  • Locking power supply and BNC cables available


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Included in Rental

    • UA844+SWB Antenna Distribution System
    • 2 – 6 ft.  BNC cables
    • 10 – 22 in. BNC cables
    • 4 – Locking DC power cables (for ULX4D, ULXP4)
    • 4 – Non-locking DC power cables (for QLXD4, SLX4, BLX4R)
    • PS60 Power supply

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