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find your story. find your value.

Like individuals, every business has a unique and compelling story. The challenge comes when you sit down and try and tell it to the world. Do you talk about what you’re selling or what service you provide, or do you dig deeper into why you’re exist in the first place? Finding the right story that will resonate with your audience can be a challenge for those already on the inside. You know what you’re selling, and you know why it’s valuable, but you can’t seem to portray that to others in a meaningful, tangible way.

does that sound like you?

Before we were a full-service A/V company, we specialized in video and photo production. WE exist, quite simply, to put our knowledge and experience towards showing the world who you are. By creating quality content along with creative imagery, we tell your story. LWM exists to let you concentrate on running your business, and we’ll concentrate on showing the world the value you create.


build an audience.

build a brand.

win new customers.

Deliver your message and drive real business results.

Services include:

  • sales and marketing videos
  • web advertising
  • recruitment and training
  • brand films
  • testimonials

KOOY Bros – Venieri

Aria Vent – 15sec



You’ve spent months planning your special event, make sure it’s documented properly so you can enjoy it later.

Services include:

  • conferences
  • corporate parties
  • recitals
  • receptions
  • weddings
  • concerts

South Pond Farms

Lindsay LipDub – The Journey


music videos.
live performance.
virtual concerts.

Services include:

  • traditional music videos
  • multi-camera live-streamed performances
  • live off the floor recordings
  • audio multi-tracking
  • photos/headshots

WCA – He Lives

Tim Rose


virtual learning.
interactive modules.
training and tutorials.

Professional solutions to learning and teaching. From K-12 to university programs, corporate internal, and interactive product manuals.

Services include:

  • product tutorials
  • employee onboarding videos
  • training videos
  • tutorial videos
  • online learning production
  • lecture capture
  • virtual curriculum support

Licensed to Learn

DCDSB Strategic Plan

real estate

stand out.
attract clients.
drive results.

Services include:

  • brand films
  • agent profiles
  • property showcase
  • client testimonials

Live at HOEM

Oakview Lodge



Whether you want to share your day with loved ones who aren’t local, or simply re-live the day for years to come, we’ve got you covered.

Services include:

  • professional live-streaming
  • highlight films
  • ceremony and reception capture

Charlee + Zach

Lindsay + Brendon

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