FotodioX 8×8 Scrim Diffusion Kit

Ideal for group shots or larger sets,, the 8×8′ Pro Studio Solutions Giant Sun Scrim Collapsible Frame Diffusion Kit from FotodioXis a kit aimed at helping you manage contrast and your quality of light. The kit comes with a 8×8′ aluminum frame, a 2-stop diffusion panel, a set of bungee cords to secure the panel, 2 clamps for mounting to separately purchased grip heads, and a carrying case for storage and transport.


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Working with the sun on location is always problematic. The best you can hope for is consistent sunlight but then there’s the problem of contrast. The 8×8′ frame is a solution that sets up in minutes. Easily mount it to optional C-stands and grip heads with the brackets provided. In the afternoon sun with the 2-stop diffusion panel secured by the included bungee cords, you can tilt the frame to create an area of soft illumination with minimal shadows that can be tweaked with a small reflector. The frame and diffuser are also very effective over your subject to tame the harsh midday sun. You can also use them to create your own large light source by placing a lamp head or lamp heads behind the diffuser. When you’re through shooting the frame folds down into a portable size with the diffusion panel on it.


  • The aluminum frame collapses into a portable size
  • The frame is foldable with diffusion panel attached
  • Diffuses and softens harsh, direct light
  • Included brackets mount to C-stand grip heads

Included in Rental:

  • 8×8′ Collapsible Aluminum Frame
  • 2-Stop Diffusion Panel
  • Bungee Cords to Secure Diffusion Panel
  • 2 x Clamps for Optional Grip Heads
  • Carrying Case

Accessories Available:

  • C-Stands
  • Sandbags

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