Two years ago, Aputure revolutionized the industry with the 300D, by creating a powerful and compact LED fixture that could be modified easily. Filmmakers from around the world loved the light’s capabilities, but Aputure knew they could enhance the light even more. So we listened and went back to the drawing board. Powered by user feedback, the new and improved 300D Mark II is 20% brighter, more durable, more portable, and more intelligent than the original 300D. Change the way you light. Brightness (average): 300dii: 11000lux @1m; 1300lux @3m; 550lux @5m 300dii w/ reflector: 45000lux @1m; 3500lux @3m; 1200lux @5m 300dii w/ fresnel 2x max flood: 38000lux @1m; 5000lux @3m; 1900lux @5m 300dii w/ fresnel 2x max spot: 80000lux @1m; 9500lux @3m; 3500lux @5m