DPI 1224 2.4KW Dimmers

DPI 1224 2.4KW Dimmers


The DPI 1212 is a rugged, 12 channel, 10 Amp heavy duty dimmer. It uses SSR modules for dimming, and each channel will carry 1200 watts. Input power is easily obtained, since it requires only two 60 Amp legs of any phase plus neutral to operate. In addition, the unit may be rack mounted in a standard 19 inch equipment rack.

Typical uses would include connecting standard fixtures such as two 500 watt Fresnels per dimmer, or dimmer-per-circuit installations with 1000 watt Ellipsoidal spots or PAR cans. DPI dimmers are suitable for use in all forms of theatrical and television productions as will as clubs and touring, music and dance. Each channel is protected from overload by its own 10 Amp thermal magnetic circuit breaker rated for 10,000 AIC.

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Each phase-independent input has an LED indicator to show it is energized and the unit will operate from 120 or 240 volt power grids, at 50 or 60 hertz via a voltage selection switch inside. Noise filtering is provided by a 2.6 inch diameter toroidal filter for each channel.

Equipped with a heavy-duty metal control connector, the DPI 1212, requires only one 12 channel control cable to control each unit. The DPI 1212 can be driven by all Teatronics Lighting Controls analog control consoles with 0 to +10VDC control voltage.

DPI dimmers are ruggedly built of aluminum in a compact 4.34 inch rack-height cabinet (2 1/2 rack spaces). Circuitry is modular and circuit boards and SSR modules can be replaced in moments if needed, using only a screwdriver and pliers. No soldering is required. Other standard deluxe features include a control signal following LED and an ON/OFF control override switch for each channel.

Customized systems incorporating the DPI 1212 as a component are available. Contact Teatronics Lighting Controls or your local distributor for more information on a system to meet your exact lighting needs.